Technology and Know-how are catching on!

For almost 30 years the name Ludger Hammersen stands for ideas and know-how in modular engineering. Our efforts to master this type of building technology and to make the most of the development potential offered by its many creative design alternatives for the most varied application fields started already back in 1973. Since then we have been planning and implementing comprehensive and successful solutions for industrial buildings across the whole of Europe.

 Today we are the recognized partners of building owners, architects and designers in the application of innovative ideas. The cutting-edge technologies of sandwich and profile manufacturers are channeled together with our technical skill. Close and partner-like cooperation guides us through all our new tasks. Companies operating at an international level in the most varied fields of industry are just some of our satisfied customers.

The IFBS-Qualitaetszeichen (IFBS Quality Seal) is instanly recognised throughout the industry as the symbol of competent consultation in statics and building physics, constructional and formative solutions, as well as the qualified execution of projects by trained and experienced fitters. This quality seal has been our proof of producing good quality work with optimal results and inovative solutions. We are proud to have held this seal continually since 1991.