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Modular Facades as an Optimal Balance of Esthetics and Design

About 50 years ago industrial buildings would be built mainly with sad-looking facades. But the days of monotonous homes and buildings are long gone. Today, in particular the owners of industrial buildings are requesting more and more facades with a distinctive appearance and a catchy design. Modular facades offer enormous advantages in building, structural and economic terms. They make it possible to erect buildings in no time at all. Of course, this is especially advantageous for the planning and assembly of a building of this kind. Thanks to the wide range of reliable and sturdy lightweight metal components it is possible to create tailor-made buildings on any piece of land.

Companies operating at an international level in the most varied sectors among which the German toy manufacturer BIG, Lufthansa, Tschibo, the Munich Airport and the s.Oliver fashion company are just some of our satisfied customers.